Neuro Wave Art

The Process
Just as a traditional artist decides on a general direction for their imagery before squeezing their selected paints onto their palette to begin, your guests choose their style and colors for their art work and can pick your favorites or just go with how they feel on that day.

Fun 4 Events uses a state-of-the-art EEG headsets that will collect brainwave information and analyze what the brain is doing.

Specifically, it will collect how they are feeling. When the guest begins Neuro Wave Painting, this information streams wirelessly in real-time through an Imagery Generation Engine to project their motions as abstract artwork on the digital canvas. The end result is quality studio artwork. We are able to get around 30 to 40 clients per hour per computer station through this experience. This is an evolving work of art, transforming with every shift of their brain activity. Every ten seconds the current visual state is recorded. Upon completing the painting, clients can review and choose their favorite moment as the final artwork. Need more than 30 to 40 per hour? We can set up multiple Fun 4 Events Neuro Wave Art Stations.

The Take Away
Guests get a branded 4×6 take-away print with a scan-able QR code so they can view their entire session snapshots whenever they want and, of course, to share with others. The aim of the Nuero Wave Art Experience is to offer everyone the joy of self-created art and the rich discussions that frequently spark from its creation.

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