Game Hero

Making your great event more fun!
The newest activity/favor in the event industry. Have a mobile app game created with you as the HERO in the game. We will take a photo of the guests at your event, crop the photo and place the photo in the game. Each guest will get a print out with their unique game code to play their game. You can check out the video below. Game Hero is great for kids as well as adults. Who would not want a game app with them as the Hero?

What is the work flow at event?
The guest chooses between 3 games that are presented to them. The guest gets a green screen photo taken. A photo with the Game Card is merged with the guest’s face and then is printed on photo paper and handed to the guest. The photo also has a QR Code, once scanned the game is downloaded to the guest’s smartphone.
The guest now has a gaming app with HIM/HERSELF as the Hero. What an amazing party favor!!! We also bring IPad stations that let guests play their personal games at the event from a gallery that holds all the games with the faces that were already captured at the event. Extra fun included!!!

What our branding options?
At all events ranging from Weddings to Bar Mitzvahs to Corporate events, you can brand the game according to the theme of the event. We have developed the games in such a way that you can put your own background, your own logo in designated areas in the game.

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