Remember when you were in school and were bored so you drew something on the edge of a book, then the next image on the next page and so on. Then flipped through the pages to see a “video”? That is exactly what Fun 4 Events Flipbooks is. We take a 7 second video and convert it into a 60 page Flipbook. We bring props and signs to make it more fun. We also have a professionally designed cover created that is branded to your event. The nostalgia impact of Fun 4 Events Flipbooks is amazing and so much fun. You will also get a copy of all videos after the event.

People often ask can they sell advertising on the cover and the answer is YES! There is space on the front, on the spine and on the back cover. This is a great way to get sponsors to pay for the Fun 4 Events Flipbook station at the right events.

Guests record a short clip and then the Mobile Flipbook Studio creates a flipbook for them! The flipbook is 60 frames from the short video and once assembled is given to the guests to take home as event memorabilia.

The photos are cut and arranged into the perfect gift – a personalized and unique flip book with 60 moving images. Fun 4 Events will be able to print about 45 booklets per hour, which means about 170 for a typical four-hour event.

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